#September11th I Can’t Celebrate Your Birthday

Ground Zero New York City

Today is my husband’s birthday. I really don’t want to celebrate a birthday party today. I have had this feeling for seventeen years. This day is when things got real for me and changed for the worse. When the world decided to knock on my quite USA door to scream that it was there to…

Memorial Day Weekend


The start-of-summer for my family really kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend.  This is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate our Nation’s hero.  Many people feel that Memorial Day in Washington, DC is a very  important tradition.  Of course, most travelers think that the only thing to see are…

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting

Woman Reading a Letter Gabriel Metsu

Vermeer & Masters of Genre Painting Finding Inspiration, Rivalry and Artistic Evolution At the Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Paintings exhibit, I saw Genre Paintings that were similar in style, subject matter, and techniques.  The National Gallery of Art has put together a great exhibit that tries to explore the questions of “inspiration, rivalry,…

Brumidi US Capitol Artist Uncovered


Brumidi US Capitol Artist Uncovered

Constantino Brumidi

The first thing that I think of with the phrase “Art in the US Capitol” a single name pops into my head; Constantino Brumidi. After all, he painted the Apotheosis of Washington on the Dome Canopy, the Rotunda…

July 4th Travel Tips to Have a Great Tour


Happy 4th of July Here are Travel Tips for the Summer.  Tip 1: If you have a question for the tour operator that you have either emailed or left a message give them at least 24 hours to respond.  Most tour operators are all hands-on deck, and working in the field with customers during tour times. …

Peacock Room Remix: How Does Your Patron Value Your Art?

The Backstory Around 1876 Mr. Leyland bought a home at 49 Prince’s Gate in the neighborhood of Kensington in London.  Mr. Leyland remodeled and upgraded his home with the help of architectures Richard Norman Shaw and Thomas Jeckyll.  Jeckyll was responsible for creating a new dining room, which he envisioned as a porcelain room. Thomas…