Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend

#September11th I Can’t Celebrate Your Birthday

Ground Zero New York City

Today is my husband’s birthday. I really don’t want to celebrate a birthday party today. I have had this feeling for seventeen years. This day is when things got real for me and changed for the worse. When the world decided to knock on my quite USA door to scream that it was there to…

How Music Plays a Part in Literacy… and Much More

Image via Pixabay

Like all parents, you want to see your child succeed in school, and that’s why you should get them involved in music. That may sound strange, as most education focuses on the core skills of math, science, and reading. But playing an instrument can help your child with all of them, as it promotes cognitive…

Memorial Day Weekend


The start-of-summer for my family really kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend.  This is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate our Nation’s hero.  Many people feel that Memorial Day in Washington, DC is a very  important tradition.  Of course, most travelers think that the only thing to see are…

4 Ways To Help A Child With A Learning Disability Get Involved With The Arts

Learning Disability Children and Art

  Studies show that five percent of the children in the United States have a learning disability. While that may seem like a relatively small number, for the kids and their parents who make up that percentile, it’s a big deal. Traditional treatment methods include a combination of visual techniques, occupational therapy, the use of…