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Fresh look at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

Today we decided to visit one of our old favorites the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. This garden will soon be revitalized with a modern twist. The Smithsonian worked with artist and architecture Hiroshi Sugimoto to develop the plans. I am looking forward to seeing if they will be able to get the funding that they need to accomplish the entire project.

This garden is still the peaceful oasis in a rather hectic spot on the National Mall. In other words, it can be a hit or miss with the peace. Because there is a long line of food trucks with a noisy ice cream truck parked along Seventh Street right outside the garden. On a bad day you will hear the cheery melody from the ice cream truck cranked up too, “I am loudest truck parked on this corner.”  After ten minutes the melody will move from being cheery to extremely annoying. On other days, the owner of the ice cream truck remembers where he or she is parked, and the noise is tolerable enough to allow you to transport yourself into a peaceful garden full of wonderful art.

What is Being Planned for Our Beloved Sculpture Garden

  1. Underground tunnel to connect the garden and museum plaza. This tunnel will become an immersive art experience.  This is wonderful news for groups that will not have to bother trying to exit the building, walk around the building, and dodge traffic.
  2. More ramps and accessibility upgrades will be added.
  3. More space to allow 50% more art.
  4. Expansion of the East Garden area for more bronze sculptures.
  5. Expansion of the West Garden to include an open lawn space for performances and temporary exhibits. The reflecting pool will be redesigned to allow more space for performers.  I can just image enjoying music in this location.
  6. More shade will be brought into this sunny garden with a performance stage and amphitheater seating.
  7. Final details are still pending with another public meeting on the project scheduled for September 6th. This meeting will address questions and establish an agreement of funding.

Just so you know, I love every single idea put forth by this plan! Please enjoy the sculpture garden with our Private Hirshhorn Sculpture Art Tour.  Our private tours are running every Saturday at 1:00 pm beginning in July.