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How to survive Trump’s 4th of July


I will say this once more: How to Survive Trump’s 4th of July.  This year it isn’t about us the people that live in this country celebrating our independence.  It is about Trump.  So here is my guide to getting to see Trump on the 4th of July.


  1. Just don’t go – stay at home and have a great barbeque with friends and family.
  2. Okay you really must go – then be prepared to spend time traveling.
  3. There are going to be many, many streets closed for security reasons.
  4. You are not bringing that Capri-Sun drinks for your kids. In fact, leave your backpack with your water at home.
  5. This isn’t TSA checkpoint. This will be a cluster of people resulting in FUBR experience that will shock you.  In other words, at each check point there will be a line in the early morning, but as the day progresses the line will break down and turn into a mob of people standing around waiting to be checked.  The guys checking people (bless their hearts) just are not efficient as TSA agents.  It will make you appreciate your airport time.
  6. You will have to walk a bit further to see the fireworks.
  7. You will see and maybe want to advert your eyes from many political posters.
  8. You may have to duck as several anti-trump protesters will be at the event. The verdict is out on if there will be fights.
  9. You will have to pick a spot near the Lincoln Memorial in order to see the fireworks.

You will find that there really isn’t much room to set down your blanket to view the fireworks.

  • You will first hear Trump’s rambling speech. Then you will see a few jets. Then the big-time show.
  • Go home – expect to take twice as long going home.