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July 4th Travel Tips to Have a Great Tour


Happy 4th of July Here are Travel Tips for the Summer. 

Tip 1: If you have a question for the tour operator that you have either emailed or left a message give them at least 24 hours to respond.  Most tour operators are all hands-on deck, and working in the field with customers during tour times.  The only time to catch up on communications is after hours. 

Tip 2: always bring your own water and sunscreen. An umbrella will not be enough to keep you from burning.  I have seen someone go bright lobster red within half-hour on a two-hour walking tour.

Tip 3: Arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Most tour guides will not stop to wait for someone who is running late when they have 15 people who have arrived on time.

Tip 4:  Make sure you understand where the meeting spot is located by reviewing a map: any map.

Tip 5:  A concierge is a great resource for finding you way around town, finding activities, and other sites to see.  However, keep in mind they are being paid a referral fee.

Tip 6: Large tour operators that have groups of 50 or more people at one time can only give cookie-cutter tours.  Go for the tour operator that has small groups so you can hear and see more.

Tip 7:  Wear comfortable shoes that you know you can walk long distances.  You never know how much walking you will do on a tour until you go on the tour. 

Tip 8: Ask your tour guide where is the best restaurant to go after the tour.  Nine times out of ten they have eaten in quite a few close by restaurants. 

Tip 9:  If you can’t hear or understand, raise your hand and let the tour guide know that they need to slow down with the motor mouth. 

Tip 10:  Have a great time.  If you really don’t want to come don’t go and rain on everyone’s parade.  A tour guide who is faced with someone that is out of control in a group will ask them to leave.