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Street Art of Washington D.C. Walking Tour

Quick Details

Hour Glass 2 hours

Calendar See calendar as the tour dates vary.

Map Marker Group meets next to the African American Civil War Memorial corner of Vermont Avenue and U Street


Explore Washington D.C.’s Street Art Scene

Culture, history, and artistic adventure permeate the streets and neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., as much as it does museums. Join us on our 2-hour walking tour of the most celebrated murals, street art, and memorials that line the buildings and city sidewalks of the Shaw and U Street neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. This urban art tour blends together the history, culture, and street art of these unforgettable locations. We begin our exploration at the African American Civil War Memorial, a work of art that commemorates our nation’s roots, honors the lives of soldiers who fought for freedom, and celebrates the victory of justice in history. We delve into the history of the African American community in Washington, D.C., and contextualize it within the broader political and cultural events of our beloved city.

Through exciting conversations with your tour guide, you will begin to answer the age-old question: Why are the street art murals here, and what do they represent? See how music and the evolution of jazz become central sources of inspiration and pride for local and international artists. Your tour guide will also uncover how artists celebrated one another’s talents through street art that depicted iconic African American artists. Our urban street art tour will explain how street art reflected the black community’s cultural themes and values, even when the rest of the world did not. As we roam the U Street and Shaw neighborhoods, we will experience the interplay of visual art and architecture. We will find life-sized murals that adorn brick building walls, sculptures that stand in courtyards, and surprising creations that crop up in Washington D.C.’s quiet alleyways.

Learn about the histories, talents, and narratives of artists and thinkers whose lives and stories are not recorded in museums’ halls. Go beyond Washington D.C.’s marble monuments, many museums, and political hubbubs into its most authentic and exciting cultural avenues. This urban street art tour will help you experience another side of Washington, D.C., that is just as much a part of its treasured history. This tour covers a lot of ground, and some of our historic Washington D.C. streets and sidewalks are not smooth. Please plan on wearing comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Also, please be aware that we will be crossing several busy streets throughout our adventure, so mind your step and always keep an eye out!